On April 9, 2021, Hangzhou Government was approved by the State Council to officially optimize and adjust some administrative divisions. The divisions under Shangcheng District and Jianggan District originally (excluding Xiasha Subdistrict and Baiyang Subdistrict) belonged to the administrative divisions of the New Shangcheng District. With the People’s Government located at No. 77 Wangchao Road, Wangjiang Street, the New Shangcheng District covers an area of 122 square kilometers, with 14 subdistricts and 201 villages under its jurisdiction. Its permanent population is 1.371 million, including 882,800 registered residents. The New Shangcheng District, after the adjustment of administrative divisions, fully embodies the reintegration of the “West Lake Era” and the “Qiantang River Era”, taking “one center and four centers” as its strategic positioning. To be specific... [MORE]

Shangcheng District adheres to a student-centered approach, ensuring high-quality curriculum, campusresources, activities, and assessment, thus coordinating resources and advancing science education in the new era to enhance students’ awareness of scientific and technological innovation.Ensuring High-Quality Curriculum... [MORE]

Focusing on the goal of building a benchmark area for urban economy, we will continue to exert efforts in high quality, high energy, and high efficiency, and spareno effort to achieve thequalitative improvement and reasonable quantitative growth of economy.
We are committed to accelerating the aggregation of headquarters econom... [MORE]

Shangcheng District adheres to systematic planning, comprehensive promotion, and efficient collaboration, seizing the construction of a new cultural landmark with the charm of Song Dynasty culture to achieve high-quality integrated development of culture and tourism.The government actively promotes the construction... [MORE]

Shangcheng District is dedicated to implementing livelihood projects that benefit the people, enriching the happiness and sense of gain of the masses. The district is enhancing the quality and coverage of public services. The “Ten Privileges” public service system continues to improve, and a total of 62 “Happiness Neighborhoods”... [MORE]

Zhang Yan is currently the Secretary of the Shangcheng District Committee of the Communist Party of China in Hangzhou. Female, born in March 1971, [MORE]

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