On April 9, 2021, Hangzhou Government was approved by the State Council to officially optimize and adjust some administrative divisions. The divisions under Shangcheng District and Jianggan District originally (excluding Xiasha Subdistrict and Baiyang Subdistrict) belonged to the administrative divisions of the New Shangcheng District. With the People’s Government located at No. 77 Wangchao Road, Wangjiang Street, the New Shangcheng District covers an area of 122 square kilometers, with 14 subdistricts and 201 villages under its jurisdiction. Its permanent population is 1.371 million, including 882,800 registered residents. The New Shangcheng District, after the adjustment of administrative divisions, fully embodies the reintegration of the “West Lake Era” and the “Qiantang River Era”, taking “one center and four centers” as its strategic positioning. To be specific... [MORE]

Shangcheng District is critically acclaimed for its balanced high-quality education. Hangzhou Caishi Education Group, Hangzhou Tianchang Primary School, Shengli Experimental School and other well-known education brands radiate and expand to the eastern part of Hangzhou with 14 new schools and campuses included in this district..... [MORE]

Its regional economic development shows strong resilience, and the “3+2” industrial advantages continue to expand. There are 12 new licensed financial institutions above the provincial level and 632 private equity institutions in Shangcheng District. The total asset management scale reached 1.2 trillion yuan, and the added value... [MORE]

Its cultural inheritance and innovation highlight the unique charm of Shangcheng District. The implementation of the Culture of the Song Dynasty Inheritance Project accelerated. The Museum of Deshou Palace Ruins of the Southern Song Dynasty made a wonderful debut, and the most traditional area with the characteristics of the Son... [MORE]

It further deepens the construction of healthy Shangcheng. 5 community health service stations were renovated and upgraded, and the “heart-warming assistance for pregnant women” was selected as the only pilot project in Hangzhou. In addition, “hypertension and diabetes” full-cycle management system proposed by Shangcheng Distric... [MORE]

Zhang Yan is currently the Secretary of the Shangcheng District Committee of the Communist Party of China in Hangzhou. Female, born in March 1971, [MORE]

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