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In 2018, with the goal of “striving to create a benchmarking area of cultural inheritance”, focusing on the promotion of traditional Chinese culture and raising the level of public cultural services at the grassroots level, the District Bureau of Culture, Radio, Television, Press and Publication carried out the cultural project for the benefit of the people to enrich people’s cultural activities and promote the construction of a modern public cultural service system. The Research Report on the Equalization of Public Cultural Services at the Grass-roots Level in Shangcheng District has been completed, and the Management Norms for the Construction of Community Comprehensive Cultural Service Centers have been issued. Free Wi-Fi is now available in all public cultural places in communities. The “Smart Shangcheng” public sports service platform has been launched, and cultural and sports activities to benefit the people take the order system, which can distribute the corresponding cultural products according to the practical needs of the citizens. In 2018, 14 cultural exchange activities, more than 600 cultural performances and 225 non-profit cultural training sessions aimed at benefiting the people were organized in the district. Characteristic brand activities such as “Lantern Festival” Theatrical Performance, Double Ninth Poetry Party, “Qingfengrunxin” Anti-corruption Culture Evening Party, and Southern Song Dynasty Cultural Festival (nearly 100 theme activities in nine series) were held. The “Literary Shangcheng” project was promoted. More than 2,000 reading activities for the whole people, including the Launching Ceremony of the “Literary Shangcheng” National Reading Festival and Poetry Concert, were organized, benefiting 300,000 person times. Both Qingnianlu Community in Hubin Sub-district and Taimiao Community in Ziyang Sub-district were rated as one of “the top ten literary communities in Hangzhou”. Cultural venues such as the Southern Song Dynasty Museum, Liujiang Art Museum, “Impression of the Southern Song Dynasty” Exhibition Hall, Song Dynasty Jade Art Museum have settled in the Nansong Huangcheng Town.


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