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Shangcheng District Overview 2020-10-27 09:14:12

Shangcheng District is the central urban area of Hangzhou. To its southeast lies the Qiantang River, known as the “wonder of the world” for its tidal landscape. In the central and southern part, there are many historic and lush sites, such as Fenghuang Mountain and Wushan Mountain. To the west is the West Lake, a world-famous tourist attraction full of beautiful and prosperous scenery. The Donghe River and Zhonghe River in the middle of the district, with their old bridges and green water carrying the ancient legend, quietly run through the whole district from south to north. With its unique geographical advantages, Shangcheng District has always been a prosperous place where treasures and merchants gather together in Hangzhou, as well as the center of Hangzhou’s economic and social activities. With charming scenery, excellent environment and complete facilities, the area is a good place for tourism and leisure. There are four characteristic streets, including “lakeside tourism and commerce street”, “Qinghefang historical and cultural street”, “Nanshan Road art and leisure street” and “Jiefang Road modern commerce and trade street”. Hangzhou is an ancient capital of history and culture of China, while Shangcheng District has gathered its essence. The district is dotted with scenic spots and historical sites, with profound historical and cultural heritage. There are 6 state protected historic sites (Hu Qing Yu Chinese Pharmacy, Zhakou White Pagoda, Fenghuang Temple, Buddhist Stone Pillar in Fantian Temple, Statue of Mahogala in Baocheng Temple, the ruins of the Imperial Palace of the Southern Song Dynasty), which are the main areas reflecting Hangzhou’s history and culture.

In 2019, the district’s GDP increased by 6%, of which the added value of the service sector increased by 8%; fixed asset investment reached RMB 14 billion, an increase of 0.5%; the total volume of retail sales of consumer goods was RMB 40.1 billion, an increase of 8.5%. The general financial revenue totaled RMB 16.6 billion, including RMB 8.5 billion in general public budgets, an increase of 5.6%. A total of 12,700 urban jobs were created. We successfully held the Fifth Global Private Equity West Lake Summit and created a brand-new lakeside national pedestrian street. We have been awarded the provincial safe district for the 14th consecutive year, and once again won the provincial outstanding area in implementing the “five measures to jointly manage tap water and river water”, and won 95 national and provincial honors, such as the national advanced district in the Seventh Five Year Plan period.


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