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> An Introduction to Sub-districts
An Introduction to Sub-districts
Hubin Street 2020-10-23 12:35:10

  “Glittering water indicates a fine weather, and foggy mountains make the rain a wonder. I want to liken West Lake to a beauty, for whom light or heavy make-up is appropriate.” As a tourist-trade street of Hangzhou City, Hubin street is famous for West Lake, and is prosperous for West Lake as well, because it is gifted not only with beautiful sceneries, but also with a gold piece of land for vibrant and civilized businesses. Hubin Street starts from West Lake Avenue from the South, reaches Qingchun Road in the North, borders Middle River in the East, and adjoins to West Lake in the West, with an administration area of 1.6 square kilometer, a population of 37000 residents, and six roads under administration: Yongjinmen Road, Qingnian Road, Dongping Lane, Yuewang Road, Wushan Road, and Dongpo Road.

  Hangzhou is encircled by “cloudy mountains from three facets and a city from one side”, while Hubin Street, as a street with the longest cultures and history in Hangzhou, lies in the center of this “city”. The origin of its name, its history, the roads, historical buildings, and cultural and historical views, all reveal the specialty of a cultural city and a paradise on earth. Hubin Street is a mirror to West Lake. Hubin in Chinese means “lakeside”. Therefore, Hubin Street is by the side of West Lake. The famous scenic spots, such as Hubin Parks, from Park One to Park Six, West Lake International Famous Brands Street, Zhongshan Road of Southern Song Dynasty Imperial Street, Ancient Gold-emerging Gate, and Ancient Qiantang Gate, are the places recommended as a must for tourists to visit.


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