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> An Introduction to Sub-districts
An Introduction to Sub-districts
Nanxing Street 2020-10-23 12:34:11

  Nanxing Street is located in the south of Shangcheng District in Hangzhou City, connecting with Wansong Hill and Fengshan Bridge, passing by Feiyunjiang Road, and standing adjacent to Ziyang Street. Going along the central line of Qiantang River, the Street faces the Binjiang District, and extends northwestwards by the Mount Emperor Jade, Mount Phoenix, and finally borders with West Lake District. It manages eight communities, i.e. Meizheng Bridge, Haiyue Bridge, Mount Mantou, Mount Emperor Jade, Zihua Port, Fuxing Street, Shuideng Bridge, and Baita Hill, and covers an area of 4.31 square km with a registered population of 44000 people.

  In Nanxing Street, there are four ecological gardens and nearly twenty national, provincial and municipal levels of places of historical interest, which are of unique resources to Nanxing Street. “Selling ground warps by the side of Baita Bridge, you can see a scene of tall pavilions and short stages”, “No where else can we see such a wonder as the eighty-eight tides in August.”… These are just few of those popular poetic verses left behind by men of letters. Adjacent to mountains and borders on rivers, Nanxing Street owns such cultural and historical relics as Buddha Temple Pillars, Eight-diagram Field Relics, the Shi’s Hanyue Grave at Mount Wu, and stone figures in the rock cave of Ciyun Hill, etc.


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