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> An Introduction to Sub-districts
An Introduction to Sub-districts
Wangjiang Street 2020-10-23 12:33:06

  Wangjiang Street is a part of Shangcheng District. It lies on the north bank of Qiantang River, which is the mother river of Zhejiang Province, between Qiantang River Third Bridge and Qiantang River Four Bridge, with a total administrative area of 4.1 square kilometers, from Datong Bridge, Xilong, Shiban Bridge, Moye Pond, Qingtai Gate, the Xu’s Port, Yaohua, Riverside East Garden, Riverside West Garden, Another Side of the River, and Wujiang, 11 communities with a total population of 111000 people.

  Wangjiang Street is a main area from which the “West Lake times” steps towards the “Qiantang River times”, and is a frontier window showing “scientific development and intelligence growth” of Shangcheng District. Alongside the river, there are top-class residences standing up side by side and business buildings built up one after another, with a beautiful environment, convenient traffic conditions and complete facilities, making it a place suitable hard to find for both business and living.

  Relying tightly on the construction of a new city and based on the development position to build the street into an “innovation center, intelligence world, and a blend of production and street”, Wangjiang Street tries utmost to develop industries of information, cultural creation, financial and electronic business, and actively cultivate an intelligent development mode with Wangjiang Features, and attempts to build Wangjiang into the most vigorous, most competitive, and most attractive intelligence area. In the near future, Wangjiang will become a brand new engine for construction of an “intelligence district” to make Shangcheng District a new development drive for economic development, and become a new land mark in Hangzhou City. 


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