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Eight-diagram Field 2020-10-23 12:37:01
      Eight-diagram field is the “borrowed filed” created in the Southern Dynasty, which appeared in the form of eight diagrams and nine patches, with a total area of over 90 mu. Located in Nanlu of Jade Emperor Mountain, it is adjacent to Nanfu Road in the east, connects Huyu Road (porcelain market) in the South, and reaches Baiyun Road in the west. From the Zilai Cave at the middle height of Jade Emperor Mountain, the eight-diagram field can be clearly seen. Eight-diagram fields neatly line up with eight angles and eight pieces. And in each piece of the field, a different crop is grown. And throughout the year, the eight types of crops will show eight kinds of colors, with each type showing a different color from another. In the eight pieces of land, there is a circular type of earth mound, which is the Taiji Diagram with a half Yin symbol and a half Yang symbol.  


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