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The House of Virtues 2020-10-23 12:36:08
      As one of the eighteen scenic spots in Qing Dynasties, the House of Virtues is situated before the Temple of King Qian(previously named as Loyalty Temple) outside the Door of Qingbo, and inside the Orioles Singing Park of today.  

  During the sovereignty of Emperor Yongzheng in the Qing Dynasty (in the year 1727),the high-ranking official Li Wei built up a stone house, and entitled it as “The House of Virtues” on the stone tablet that stands high on the bank of the lake and forms a delightful contrast with the trees and flowers around. As described in Roll IV of “The History of West Lake” in the Emperor Yongzheng Period: “The facet of the temple is decorated with stone pillars, and inscribed as ‘The House of Virtues’. The House looks down at the lake whose flat sand embankment about the area of dozens of mu is covered by willows dressed with branches beautifully hanging down like green silks. Among this surrounding of green trees and leaves, hide the red palace and jade-colored temple. When the sun rises in the east, a wonderful view of gorgeous rays, ripple green waves, and mysterious morning mist pleases our eyes, presenting an image of heaven soldiers running horses with cloud flags in hands.”Early in the Great Cultural Revolution, the stone pillars were dismantled and removed, and the lotus flower pool beside the pillars was also filled up.


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